Woodland Embroideries

Embroideries were an integral part of the Morris & Co. offer, ever since William and Jane Morris taught themselves the art of embroidery to create hangings for their home, Red House, in 1860.  The Woodland Embroideries continue this heritage, with designs taking inspiration from the archive as well as William De Morgan’s ceramic tiles, and an ottoman style fabric found in Wightwick Manor, Wolverhampton, one of the intact houses of England almost entirely furnished by Morris & Co.  

Launched with the Archive III Wallpapers and Prints, Woodland Embroideries is an exquisitely designed collection of five designs including the glorious, multi-coloured ‘Artichoke’ on silk, to the simple, naive ‘Woodland Animal’ and ‘Woodland Tree’ on linen/cotton.

1. Wightwick and Woodland Animals Room DPS
2. Woodland Animals Emb Detail_Med
3. Jasmine Emb Main DPS
4. Wightwick and Woodland Trees Cushion
5. Mary Isobel WP Main DPS
6. Artichoke Em Cushion

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