Winterbourne Prints & Embroideries

The Zoffany Winterbourne collection is the epitome of relaxed sophistication.

A glorious fusion of documentary expertise and contemporary craftsmanship, paired with the most exquisite selection of the very best natural yarns, engender an elegant collection.  With carefully considered harmonious colours, it allows beautiful layering of pattern and texture.

The successful mineral palette of previous launches prevails, augmented with seasonal accents of deep charcoal, teal and ink blues.

1. Rose Absolute FB Main DPS V2
2. Rose Absolute Detail DPS
3. Kashi Pietra Damask FB Portrait V1
4. Kashi FB Main Portrait
5. Pomegranate Tree FB Portrait Main
6. Hazelwood FB Landscape
7. Edinbridge Curtain Focus
8. Winterbourne FB Main Portrait
9. Kernow FB Main Portrait

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