Birodo Velvets

Birodo means velvet in Japanese. This smart, textural velvet has a slubby cotton yarn which creates a two dimensional strié through a crisp dense pile. The range of sixteen colours is inspired by polished stones and includes an extensive range of neutrals interspersed with intensely bright highlight colours.

1. Zoffany-Birodo-Velvets-Birodo-Fabric-main
2. Zoffany-Birodo-Velvets-Willow-Song-Wallpaper-main
3. Zoffany-Birodo-Velvets-Birodo-Velvet-Fabric-detail
4. Zoffany-Birodo-Velvets-Trimmings-Fabric
5. Zoffany-Birodo-Velvets- Acer-Fabric

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