Archive III Wallpapers

For modern day living with a sense of legacy, rest awhile with Archive III Wallpapers; a sophisticated collection that of nine designs inspired by Morris & Co. archive documents from between 1870 and the First World War. 

Featuring the work of the most familiar names, including William Morris himself and his protégé, John Henry Dearle. We are also proud to showcase the contribution made by women artists and designers of the Arts and Crafts movement, including ‘Arbutus’ by Kathleen Kersey and ‘Bramble’ by Kate Faulkner. 

If you’d like to see other products that complement this collection, take a look at the Archive III Prints and Woodland Embroideries collections. 

1. The Brook WP Main - Morris
2. Bachelors Button WP `DPS - Morris
3. Honeysuckle
4. Rosehip WP Main DPS - Morris
5. Brambe WP And Rosehip FABRIC DPS - Morris
6. Arbutus WP Main - Morris
7. Mary Isobel WP Main DPS - Morris
8. Morris Seaweed WP Detail - Morris
9. Woodland Trees Emb and Jasmine WP Main - Morris

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