Akita Vinyl Papers

The Akita Weave and Akita Vinyl Wallpaper collections take their inspiration from the exquisite designs of Japanese craftwork and the serenity of formal Japanese Gardens. This harmonious range of contemporary, elegant designs takes elements of the patterns from ceramic glazes, origami and hand-woven kimonos and combines these with more natural patterns of water and pebbles. Colours span soft Linen, Ochre, Linden Green, Grey Blue and Ivory with touches of Rust and Fig.

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Akita Vinyl Papers 7
Akita Vinyl Papers 6
Akita Vinyl Papers 3
Akita Vinyl Papers 8
Akita Vinyl Papers 9
Akita Vinyl Papers 1
Akita Vinyl Papers 5
Akita Vinyl Papers 4
Akita Vinyl Papers 2

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