• What do the different ‘pattern matches’ mean?

    ‘Half Drop’ repeat is where every other horizontal repeat (from side to side) is dropped down one half of its length, i.e. the design repeats itself on the diagonal rather than the horizontal.

    ‘Straight Match’ is where the pattern repeats across the roll and is positioned at the same place at each selvedge.

    ‘Random Match’ is where there is no pattern match.

  • What does railroaded mean?

    The term ‘railroaded’ refers to the orientation of the fabric’s pattern as it is woven on the fabric roll.

    Regular fabric: The design is orientated to run along the length of the fabric and is the correct way as it comes off the roll.

    Railroaded fabric: The design is orientated to run along the length of the fabric (selvedge to selvedge) so that you must turn the roll 90 degrees to show the design running the correct way. The width of the fabric is then used for the drop.

    Please see the following drawing for a visual example:


  • What does Martindale mean?

    The Martindale is also known as the Rub Test, which is a test used to simulate abrasion. This is recorded as a figure based on a set breakdown criteria and recorded on a scale ie: 20,000 General Domestic, 25,000 Heavy Domestic, 30,000 General Contract and 40,000 Severe Contract.

  • Do you recommend/sell paste?

    We recommend that you use Harlequin, Sanderson or Zoffany ready-mix paste for a superior finish. Our paste is available in a 5kg tub, which covers approx 6 rolls

  • How do I enquire about opening a trade account?

    Customers in the UK and international: 

    Please contact our office in the UK:

    Style Library
    Chalfont House,
    Oxford Road,
    UB9 4DX

    Tel: +44 1895 830 000


    Customers in the US:

    Please contact our New Jersey office: 

    800 Huyler St
    Teterboro, NJ 07608

    Tel:   201 399 0500
    Fax:  201 399 0501
    Email: sales-ny@a-sanderson.co.uk

  • How much does it cost to order samples?

    If you are logged in as a customer or visiting as a guest you can purchase up to four samples for a cost of £3.00. Any further samples you require will be charged at 0.75p per sample. There is a limit of 10 samples per order. 

    If you are logged in as a trade user then all samples are free of charge and the limit of 10 samples per order does not apply.

  • How do I pay for the items in my basket?

    Click on the 'Basket' button in the top right hand corner of the screen. Here you can review your order and make any changes to the basket quantities if necessary.

    Next, click on the 'Go to Secure Checkout' button to be taken to the page where you input your details and your delivery address, before choosing to pay by your preferred payment method at the bottom of the page.

    Once you click on a payment method you will be taken to the corresponding payment gateway to complete the order.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    If you are logged in as a customer or visiting as a guest then you have the option to pay by credit/debit card or through PayPal.

    If you are logged in as a trade user then you have the option to pay by credit/debit card or on account. 

  • Why isn't the site displaying correctly for me on Internet Explorer?

    We are aware that some users are experiencing issues with some aspects of the site when using Internet Explorer. Problems include reduced functionality and pages displaying incorrectly. 

    These problems mainly seem to affect users who are using Internet Explorer 8 or 9. We recommended all users update Internet Explorer to the most recent version or use an alternative browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, to enjoy the website at its best.

  • Why is my order displaying as unsuccessful?

    The likely issue here is that you have entered your card details incorrectly, please carefully re-enter them and try again. Please be aware that the 'Year' field must be in the format YYYY, not YY

    If the problem persists please visit the Contact Us page and get in touch via telephone, email or the enquiry form.

  • How do I get to the London showroom?

    The nearest station is Imperial wharf on the London Overground.

    People coming by car will need to turn off the A3220 on Lots Road

    The C3 bus runs between Earl's Court tube and Clapham Junction mainline stations and goes to Chelsea Harbour, approximately every 10 minutes

  • Can I buy products directly from the website?

    If you have a trade account with us then you can order products through the website. To apply for a trade account, please contact us.

    If you do not qualify for a trade account or do not wish to have a trade account, you may search for your nearest stockist, who will be able to order your desired product(s).

    For more information please visit the “Where to Buy” section on our website for a full list.

  • Why doesn't the colour on the website exactly match the colour of the product?

    We strive to make sure the colours shown both online and in our brochures are as close as possible to the finished product, however it is not always possible to get an exact colour match. Deviations in colour can sometimes occur during the photography process or due to variances in computer screen display settings. We advise customers to see the product in person or order a sample (where possible) in order to ensure satisfaction with the product.

  • How much area is covered by a wide width wallcovering?

    There are two different widths of wide wallcovering:
       One roll which covers an area of 6.89sqm (74.16sqft)
       One roll which covers an area of 13.78sqm (148.32sqft)
    The exact width of each wallcovering is specified in the Product Details overlay on each product page

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